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Take a good sleep is beneficial for human’s physical as well as mental health. Nowadays, People’s daily routings are dramatically changes. As per WHO , report an adult person should sleep 6-8 hours daily for making the body fir to sustain. Every person should consider a good sleep as their daily slogan. For get a good sleep, you can see the better results surrounds you. A proper sleeping gives sufficient rest to the body which improves the overall efficiency of a human.

Take a good sleep , GOOD SLEEP HABITS

Exercise helps for a good sleep. Physical activities always enhance the sleeping quality. Doing exercise is very safe, quick and cheap. Exercise such as jogging, cycling helps for good sleep. The people who do aerobic exercise tend to have a good sleep quality. When we exercise, we exhausted by the end of the day and we fall sleep quickly. Fix the exercise time regularly as well for a good daily life routines.


Sleep need a regular time for sleeping and wakeup. Now day’s people do not follow a fixed time for sleeping. It may adversely affect the sleeping pattern. If you are sleeps at 2200 & wakes up at 0600, try to follow that regular time, thus our body will always follow this biological clock.


Now all the people have the habits of spending time in social media platforms such as Facebook, whatsup, instagram or browsing. Digital screen causes eyestrain and which misunderstands the brain that it’s not the time for sleep. This causes delay in sleeping. Avoid devices before bed such as computer, laptop, television, and phone. These blue light producing devices tricks the body into thinking it s a day time. This causes reduction in melatonin production. Thus, for a good sleep try to limit devices before sleep. I personally suggest avoiding the use of these kinds of devices before 30 minute before sleep or blue light filters for take a good sleep.


People do not follow a regular diet plan before sleep. Eating heavy meals before sleep increases the body digesting activities and causes disturbances during sleep. For better sleep, include magnesium supplements or eat more magnesium supplement foods on your diet. Magnesium is a relaxation mineral and it help to relax the muscles and further results in quality sleep.


Sleep in a cool room or colder a temperature. If room temperature is higher, our body gets disturbed and we have an intention to wake up during the night. This is because when we go to sleep, our internal body temperature increases, and higher body temperature results in irregular periods of sleep.  These irregular sleeping patterns are harmful to our bodies. So if you have trouble sleeping, try reducing the temperature by a few degrees and take a good sleep.

When we are exposed to light, our bodies cannot produce melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps to regulate and control sleep patterns. So always try to sleep in a dark room so that our body can produce melatonin.

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