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The reason behind heart attack is different for people depends upon their lifestyle. Heart attack is a fearful condition in which a person knows he or she is going to die. Heart attack to the block in block vessels. The block in blood vessels is due to several factors such as damage in blood cells, body mechanism, damage of heart muscles, and many more. The people who are more anxious in life also think about heart attack if they have gas trouble also and any pain of heart side forces them to go to hospital and they check their ECG regularly. As per WHO eraser, any recent studies aged people death causes are mainly due to heart attack. The reason behind heart attack is described in this health article.

man, heartache, chest pain, REASON BEHIND HEART ATTACK

The middle-aged and young people are busy in their lives and actively participating in many activities knowingly and unknowingly. Some people go to the gym and do exercise regularly. Post-retirement people stay idle and not at all involves in any kind of physical activities. This sudden idle condition alters the heart and body mechanism. This causes the accumulation of fats in the blood vessels and further this leads to the blockage in blood vessels.


Alcohol and smoking are the secondary factors for heart attack. Continues consumption of alcohol causes the cells to damage. People who font of drinking alcohol creates more fats on their abdominal and body parts. Thus, this fats creation causes blockage rapidly. Alcohol is a popular reason behind heart attack. Smokers also have risks in their life. Continues smoking not only causes heart attack but also leads the cancer effect on the human body. Some food items also cause a reason behind heart attack.


Age is a vital factor and reason for heart attack. When a person becoming old. Their energy levels are also lower and in cells, as well mitochondria energy-releasing level lowers. Heart attack due to age factor is higher in women as compared to men. Because up to 50 age women have regular estrogen hormone levels in their body and which prevent the heart from any kind of complaints. Although, when a woman stops their period cycles. Then estrogen level lowers in their body and create an imbalance in heart functions.


Young people nowadays concentrate on building their muscle power and regularly do tough exercises. After a particular period, they stop this hard exercise due to a plethora of reasons. This immediately causes irregular changes in the heart. Over-exercise is a secondary reason behind heart attack.


Diabetic patients have a 30 % more chance of heart attack as compared with non-diabetic people. The blood sugar level changes cause the body to react differently. The most dangerous part for diabetes patients is that they do not show any symptoms of a heart attack such as chest pain, sweating, heartbeat changes, etc. If the blood sugar level is higher, then the complications for heart attack are high.


People who live a stressful life always have a higher chance of heart attack. These people may have regular heart functions during check-ups. However, due to they live a stressful life their body functions alter differently and cause the heart functions to vary drastically. Stressed life is a common reason behind heart attack .

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