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How to reduce hair fall at home? Hair fall is one of the main problems in the modern era people are facing. The main reason for hair fall is change due to changes in lifestyle, genetics, and hormonal changes. From the ancient era to date, people have had different hairstyles which show their character and culture. Hair loss can be acute or hair loss can be chronic. Acute hair loss is due to the after-effects of some diseases like fever, typhoid, or after pregnancy. Chronic hair loss is mainly due to heredity, vitamin deficiencies. A person’s identity is hidden in the hairstyle of people.  The reason for hair fall is different for each person. Scientifically, major reasons for hair fall are Vitamin D, B12 deficiencies. It is easier to treat hair loss once we find the cause of hair loss. Nowadays people opt for chemical treatment surgeries for reducing hair fall that have no guarantees. The answer to the question of how to reduce hair fall at home is briefly described in this health tip article.


Drinking water is necessary for maintaining good hair structure and quantity. Everyone should drink at least 3 L water every day. Drinking water not only boosts hair quality but also maintains body metabolism. Drink 1 glass of luke water as soon as wake up. Try to drink 250 ML of water every hour. Thus, drinking water helps us from many problems including hair fall. How to reduce hair fall at home? Drinking more water daily improves health quality.


Do not use hard water for the bath. This is the main reason for hair fall. Hair falls when you pour water very forcefully over the head too. Reduce the force of filters of showers. Thus, water won’t fall with force. Thus, we can reduce hair fall. How to reduce hair fall at home?  Use proper showering methods and use the shampoo wisely. If you are suffering from dry hair dry scalp, maybe you are over washing hair with shampoos the little amount of shampoo while washing the hair.


How to reduce hair fall at home?  Use the tips of your fingers to massage your scalp. Do the massage for 10 minutes every day. This massaging feel good for the scalp. Scalp massage promotes hair drops, drains toxins from the brain, and makes hair thick and strong. Stimulating the pressure points that affect different functions of the body. Massaging promotes blood circulation throughout the scalp, which prevents and even reverses hair loss. Gentle stimulation will activate the blood vessels in the scalp and begin detoxifying them.


Eat healthy food for reducing hair fall. A protein diet is necessary for hair growth. Include a high protein diet such as almonds, walnuts, eggs, meats, yogurt, leafy vegetables, milk, fish, peanut, milk. Iron contain food also helps to improve hair quality. How to reduce hair fall at home?  Maintain a proper healthy protein diet on your daily meals plan.


Aloe vera is an herbal plant for reducing hair fall. The benefits of aloe vera are numerous. Aloe vera contains minerals and vitamins that boost hair growth, increase blood circulation, remove dandruff.   Aloe vera gen can apply to the hair. After regular usage of aloe vera, hair will become looser and help to steep down to like strands of hair. How to reduce hair fall at home?  Proper usage of aloe vera helps to reduce hair fall at home

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