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Eye injury first aid prevents eyes damage. The eyes are the vital organs of human life. Without vision, people cannot live their life. Nowadays, eyes injuries are common due to various factors. The eye injurious is mainly due to Acid injuries, road accidents injurious, penetration injuries which are caused due to the penetration of foreign objectives in the eye. The eye injurious may cause the vision of a human being. The injury first aid aids for the eyes protection. Moreover, eye injury is a small knock on the eye. The eye injury first aid is illustrated in this health article.

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1. Never throw water into the eyes. Wash the surface of the eye only. This is a primary step in eye injury first aid.

2. Cold compress: Compress the eyes with a cube of ice or use a towel to remove the debris in the eye.

3.  Apply antibiotic eye drop or lubricate eye drops immediately by consulting a doctor.

4. If any foreign object goes into the eye then splash drinking water or mildly hot water to remove the debris.

5. Corneal abrasion or a scratch on the cornea happens then first try to remove the external object which enters into the eye.

6. Pull the upper lid and down the same.

7. In case of any major irritation on the eye, cover the eye with an eye shield.

8. Flush eyes with water for 15 to 20 minutes.

9. Consult the doctor finally for major injury.

Eye injury first aid helps for avoiding any major problems for the eye. Retinal infection and cornea bulging may cause severe pain in the eyes and the affected areas. Eye injury causes bleeding, changes in eye moment, vision changes, and many more. If an eye injury happens, immediately check whether the eye is swelling or not. Test the vision and search for the foreign object that is trapped in the eye. Various preventive measures should be taken for avoiding any kind of eye injury. The various preventive measurements such as wear goggles, getting away from chemical contact, avoiding firework contact, and avoiding any debris entering into the eyes. These eye injury first aid always prevent the eyes from various eye infection problems which may, at last, affect the human vision. Eyesight is different for every person. How to improve eyesight? is Be alert on these eye injury first aid and always apply in case any person has an eye injury or eye problems.

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