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The cause of snoring is different from person to person. Snoring mostly happens while we are sleeping. The vibration on the respiratory system causes sounds to come outwards which results in unpleasant sounds. Now we are living in a fast-moving world so our change in sleeping patterns also become a reason for snoring. Snoring is common in humankind but it is very disturbing too. Snoring affects the people who surround you.


The anatomical structure which involves snoring is the nose, nostril, and Naso-pharynx    Nose is made up of movable and immovable parts. The immovable part is bony and the movable part is cartilaginous. Muscles of the nose provide evidence of breathing characteristics. Thus anatomical blockage of the nasal airways is the primary cause of snoring for many people.


Drinking alcohol causes snoring for so many people. Alcohol has its own merits and demerits. Specific dehydration of alcohol causes problems in the intestines and stomach. During snoring treatment, we must reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol has a detrimental effect on health. Alcohol causes a muscle relaxant which further collapses the airways and as a result, people start snoring more. Alcoholism affects the quality of sleep and increases the chance of snoring. Alcohol distracts the REM sleep. Dryness of mouth and throat muscle causes loud snoring. Dehydration due to alcohol causes loud snoring as well.


Irregular sleep patterns are one of the major causes of snoring nowadays. In this contemporary era, people follow irregular sleeping patterns such as they do not maintain a fixed sleeping time and wake up time. Moreover, sometimes sleeping positions also cause a reason for snoring. How does sleeping position cause snoring? Due to gravitational force or gravity effect, the throat narrows the airways. As a result, narrow airways cause destruction in the passage of air while breathing which results in snoring. So always try to follow regular sleep pattern patterns and do not sleep on your back.


People have different mouth anatomy. Mouth anatomy plays a vital role in snoring. During breathing air intake starts from the nose, hard palate, uvula, pharynx, and larynx. Accumulating extra tissues in the back of the throats always causes the narrowing of airways. If any tissue is hung in the soft palate or hard palate, it causes serious problems on the airways and this is a main cause of snoring.


Genetics is one of the main causes of snoring. If parents have a snoring history or any sleep disorders then it may cause heredity issues to the child’s behavior as well. Children may have the same face structure or bones structure as parents thus breathing style and airways may have almost the same structure thus genetics is also a reason for snoring.

Snoring may irritate the person who surrounds you, nowadays people are keen on avoiding snoring and they go for further treatment as well. In a nutshell, as described the above main reasons for snoring are anatomical blockage, regular alcohol consumption, irregular sleeping patterns, mouth anatomy, and genetics.

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