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Breast feeding is important for maintaining the health of the child. Benefits of breast feeding include the benefits of both bother and newborn baby. Breastfeeding is very essential for newborn health. Many mothers are giving bottle milk or formula-based milk for feeding the babies and it is not good for the baby’s health. Formula-based milk is acceptable for hospitalized babies.

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1.            Breastfeeding helps mothers to lose weight much faster.

2.            Breast milk contains antibodies that help the baby to fight against bacteria and viruses.

3.            Breastfeeding lowers your baby’s risk to affect asthma or allergies

4.            Babies who get adequate breast milk for the first 6 months have less chance to affect respiratory illness and bouts of diarrhea.

5.            Breastfed babies are less likely to become underweight in the future

6.            Breastfeeding helps to reduce the chance of breast cancer and ovarian cancer

7.            Breastfeeding helps to contract the uterus after delivery.


Breast feeding mother needs to increase fluid intake. Put the newborn to the mother’s breast as soon as possible, if the mother and the new baby’s condition is stable. Breastfeeding mothers should not use soap on the breast because it tends to remove the natural oil, which increases the chance of cracked nipples. If cracked nipples develop, the mother should expose the nipples to air for 10-20 minutes after feeding. Moreover, the bra should be well fitted and supportive. Calories should be increased by 200 to 500 calory per day. And take parental vitamins during pregnancy. Avoid gas-producing foods and caffeine during the breastfeeding period. Proper diet is also important for breast feeding. In addition, oral contraceptives and drinking alcohol may decrease milk production. If a mother has breast discomfort from the engorgement need to wear a support bra at all time, even while sleeping. Furthermore, use warm soaks or a warm shower before feeding the baby. If you have more pain or discomfort, consult with a gynecologist.


The breast feeding procedure is simple but the breastfeeding procedure steps must be followed properly. The common and most followed breastfeeding procedure are listed below.

1.            Wash hands  and make a comfortable

2.            Start with the breast with which is the last feeding ended.

3.            Brush the newborn’s lower tip with the nipple.

4.            Tickle the tips to have the newborn open the mouth wide

5.            Nipple and surrounding areola must into the baby’s mouth.

6.            Feed the baby on each breast for 15 to 20 min.

7.            After feeding release the suction by inserting a clean finger into the baby’s mouth.

8.            Burp the baby after each feed to prevent abdominal distension.

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