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The best brain foods for studying in children improve their IQ levels. Children are the world’s most valuable assets and they are expectations of their family and society. Nowadays, parents are more concerned about their children’s brain development for improving the study method and patterns. All parents wish that their kids become more intelligent and good people.  The top 10 brain foods for studying that help to improve brain development are almonds, berries, beans, eggs, oily fish, green leafy vegetables,  avocados,  nuts, whole grains, and amla.


It is a proven brain-food, which helps in repairing brain cells and boosting cognitive functions including memory. Moreover, almonds are rich in zinc, which fights the free radicals in children’s bloodstream. Almond has rich in vitamin B6, so it promotes brain health and vitamin E improves memory. Almonds are commonly available brain food for children.


Berries help to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Furthermore, it is loaded with antioxidants which prevent the harmful effects of free radicals on the brain and Improve memory and cognitive function. Berries are one of the top brain food for studying. It contains four types of antioxidants such as anthocyanin, catechin,caffeic, and quercetin. These antioxidants help for children’s brain development and berries are quality brain foods for studying.


Beans have a high content of omega-3 fatty acid with magnesium, fiber, folate, and antioxidants which promote brain development and also it boosts memory and cognitive functions.


Eggs contain choline, a nutrient that helps in retaining neural pathways to keep memories intact and increase concentration. Eggs not only help for brain foods for studying but also improve the protein levels in the humans body.


Oily fish is the best brain food as it contains omega -3 fatty acids. It contributes to 50% of the brain’s fat mass and maintains its structural integrity. Moreover, it aids to improve memory, decision-making skills, and emotions.


Green leafy vegetables and dark green vegetables like broccoli are rich in vitamin A and vitamin K which are responsible for slower mental deterioration. In addition, they aid to improve cognitive function. Beta carotene and folate protects from toxic free radicals and also helps in all-around brain development.


It contains folate which helps in brain development. Avocados like brain foods for studying helps to boost the IQ levels in all types of aged people.


Nuts such as walnut and peanuts are rich in vitamin E which protects the nervous membrane and helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Walnuts are excellent brain food as these are a rich source of vitamin E, omega -3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. It also removes excess protein deposits in the brain which improves memory power. Parents must crush the nuts and mix with milk for toddlers because whole nuts may chance for aspiration in toddlers while eating.


Whole grains such as brown rice, oats, and whole – wheat bread are a rich source of vitamin E, vitamin B, dietary fiber, an antioxidant that enhances the flow of blood in the brain. whole grains stabilize blood glucose levels. The brain is dependent on sugar or glucose for its optimum functioning. Whole grain is the best brain food for studying.

10. AMLA

Amla is one of the best brain food that contains antioxidants that help in fighting off harmful free radicals in the brain. The iron content in amla facilitates oxygen transportation and preventing brain degeneration.

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