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Alcohol hangover remedies are keen for those who drink alcohol continuously has worse effects on their body.  Nowadays alcoholism is a fashion in the modern era. People drink alcohol to reduce their daily life stress and enjoy their emotions. However, Overconsumption of alcohol is a serious issue. People who drink alcohol continuously should reduce their alcohol intake so that they can improve their life span. Alcohol hangover remedies reveal how a person reduces the hangover post-drinking. Due to alcohol hangovers, people suffer from headaches, migraines, and vomiting. Moreover, their brain works at a glacial pace. This leads to their worse effect on their daily life routines. What are the alcohol effects on the human body? The major alcohol remedies are mentioned in these health tip articles. Alcohol hangover remedies will reduce the aftereffect of alcohol consumptions in a human’s body.

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Green tea has antioxidants and helps to overheat the fats in the body. Moreover, due to the production of noradrenaline hormone, fats in the body reduces. Green tea with or without lemon is a good option for alcohol hangover remedies.


Banana contains potassium, which aids in reducing the acidic effect on the stomach and pancreases. Bananas are easily available at the cheapest cost. Banana is the best fruit for alcohol hangover remedies. Banana is easily digestive fruit thus banana helps for relaxing from diarrhea due to alcohol drinking as well.

3. EGG

The egg is an amazing food for alcohol hangover remedies. Effs contain amino acids. Ethanol is produced in the body after the oxidation of alcohol. Egg aids for stopping the ethanol produces on the body. Eggs’ protein also adds energy to the body.


Lime contains calcium and inorganic minerals, which aids in reducing the alcohol hangover effects. It is better to drink lime juice during the morning so that electrolyte balance can be maintained in the body.


Buttermilk is essential for proper digestion and has a low-fat content. Moreover, buttermilk is a calcium-rich drink and has antioxidants. Buttermilk regulates water content in the body. Thus, buttermilk is considered that one of the best foods for alcohol hangover remedies.


Coconut water contains potassium and electrolytes, which help for reducing alcohol hangover. Due to alcohol consumption, the bodies have an electrolyte unbalance situation. Thus, drinking coconut water keeps the balance and helps for reducing the headache and dehydration.


A night of better sleep is also a good alcohol hangover remedies. People should sleep at least 7-8 hours post-drinking. This creates the body in relaxing moods and the brain restarting process is also improved due to a sound good sleep. However, due to office pressure or daily life issues, most people do not follow good sleep, patterns post alcohol drinking; This is harmful to our body and drastically causes alcohol hangover.


Drinking water decreases the effects of alcohol consumption. Our body needs more water post-drinking so that body metabolism can be stabilized. Plenty of water to hydrate the body is a good option.  Drinking water reduces the dehydration on the body and makes that person energetic and refresh condition.

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